Princess Kate Gives a Message of Support for Those Struggling With Addiction

The Princess of Wales appears in a new video for The Forward Trust's "Taking Action on Addiction" campaign.

As part of Addiction Awareness Week, the prince underlines society's duty in recognising addiction as "a serious mental health disease that may happen to anyone"

Kate sits in a drawing room adorned with family photos in the footage, wearing a navy and white polka-dot shirt with white collar and cuffs.

"Addiction is viewed differently. But we need to be, "Video: "Shame of addiction prevents people and families from seeking assistance, yet people still die tragically."

She tells addicts, "Addiction isn't voluntary. Addiction isn't chosen. This is another dangerous illness. Shame shouldn't keep you from receiving help."

"We as a culture must recognise that the only way to help individuals suffering is to understand what brought them to addiction, to sympathise with them, and to be sympathetic," she says.

The film also shows the princess interacting with Forward Trust members during the campaign's launch event last year, where she spoke about addiction.